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Learning new skills each week will propel your project and career forward.

Personalise Your Learning

Our goal is to help you succeed with in career by strengthening your soft skills. 

Short Courses & Activities

You earn points by taking and completing these courses & activities.

Project 101 - Skills To Get You Started

Taking action is what will propel your project forward. Learn the skills you need.

Mindset Skills For Success

Starting something new isn’t always easy. Set yourself up for success with the right mindset.



Discovering & strengthening your mental agility is a key to unlocking effective performance in life & work.

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Growth Mindset

There are two types of mindsets we can cultivate. One that embraces problems as opportunities to learn, and one that avoids them, often out of fear of failure.

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Powerful Communication Skills

Everything we do in life requires communication with others. Master the skills of communication for project success.


Comms 101

Here are 7 unique tips/tricks that will drastically improve your conversations and overall communication skill.

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Curiosity is one of the three parts of ACE (Agile, Curiosity & Empathy) and is an essential ingredient to breaking free from your thoughts &

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Elegant Design Skills

Logos, brands, websites, business cards; learning good design is critical to your project’s success.

1 minute | Reflection

Time to

Log an idea or a moment of learning. Think of your journal as a resource you can look back on for learnings. 

Be honest. Only you and your coach has access to this data.



Are you going to change anything as a result of what you have been thinking about??


Are you going to try anything new?

1 minute | Reflection

Time to

The goal of a your check-in is to develop the mental skill of Awareness & track your progress over time.

Be honest. Only you and your coach has access to this data.



1 = Very Calm | 10 = Very Stressed
1 = Not Engaged | 10 = Very Engaged
1 = Not Engaged | 10 = Very Engaged


What mindset are going to focus on today? *
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What mental skill are you going to focus on today? *
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