A Performance Coach In Your

Manage stress. Increase performance. Unlock career success.

Why use Coaching

Lift Your Performance

If you’re under pressure to deliver or looking for an edge in your career, develop your CORE skills through a daily habit of learning & access a coach on-demand.

Grow Talent At Scale

Develop CORE work skills that improve teamwork, customer service & sales. Improve engagement, performance & well-being across your team & organisation cost effectively.

Change That Sticks

If you’re looking for change that sticks, our micro-learning approach allows time for real development to occur. Go further with on-demand coaching to accelerate development.

Daily Checkins

Build new habits & boost performance

Build a simple, powerful habit of planning your day with Check-ins. Take a few minutes to create your daily plan of tasks & CORE skills you are working on and see how much more you can get done, with less busywork.

Data & Reporting

Reflect on accomplishments

It can be hard to remember what happened over the last week and see the progress you’re making. Log your accomplishments in PAVE as they happen, so you’ll have a detailed record when its time for career changes, performance reviews or shifting gear.


Learn from the best one small step at a time

Access Scenarios, Mindsets, Skills & Foundations that boost your CORE skills over time. We prompt you to take action, offering daily tips and reminders, gently nudging you in the right direction. 

Social Learning

Get an edge and learn how others have solved problems you are facing.

Expand your network & learn how other smart people like you solve problems, approach situations, develop their mindsets & skills & strengthen their foundations.

Coach On-Demand

Book time for a chat, phone call or video conference when you need it

If you are facing a situation of crisis, overwhelm, or uncertainty, access a coach on-demand via chat, phone or video conference. Book & pay only for the time you need. 

How It Works

Weekly Plan


Baseline soft skills - strengths & weaknesses


Pick a skill to work on each week


Get the support needed to take action


Reinforce learning & measure progress

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1 minute | Reflection

Time to

Log an idea or a moment of learning. Think of your journal as a resource you can look back on for learnings. 

Be honest. Only you and your coach has access to this data.



Are you going to change anything as a result of what you have been thinking about??


Are you going to try anything new?

1 minute | Reflection

Time to

The goal of a your check-in is to develop the mental skill of Awareness & track your progress over time.

Be honest. Only you and your coach has access to this data.



1 = Very Calm | 10 = Very Stressed
1 = Not Engaged | 10 = Very Engaged
1 = Not Engaged | 10 = Very Engaged


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What mental skill are you going to focus on today? *
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Do you need support?

Great, asking for support is a sign of a willingness to learn. Your coach will be in contact with you via the Nudge App in the next couple of hours.

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