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Our programmes deliver short, action-oriented learning supported by on-demand micro-learning & coaching via our Coaching Platform. Our approach transforms CORE skills into lasting habits.  

We are remote-first so we’ve got remote, real-time learning covered.

The CORE Skills

These are the pillars of performance.

Our science & research has identified three key areas for performance.
  1. Foundations – The Way We Feel: factors like Mental Energy, Sleep & Core Purpose that create the foundations for performance.
  2. Mindsets – The Way We Think: the mental frames like Possibility, Focus & Agility that determine how we think about situations.
  3. Mental Skills – The Way We Act: cognitive skills like mental alertness, decision-making under pressure & collaborative responsibility.

All our programmes, 1:1 coaching & coaching app & platform follows a three-step process.

  1. Goals & Baseline: to make progress, we first have to know where are we going & where are we at.
  2. Plan & Coach: we build a development plan & match you with a coach. Trainee’s meet weekly & are connected 7/7/5.
  3. Measure & Evaluate: using our technology, we’ll measure your progress & evaluate your plan, making adjustments as we go.

We have adapted the GROW coaching model and created GROWER to emphasise our learn by doing principle.

GROWER stands for:

  • Goal: define a SMART goal that describes the desired change. 
  • Reality: baseline where we are currently at & understand “the gap”. 
  • Options: what actions could we take to close the gap.
  • Way Forward: what actions will we take, what are the obstacles & what is the level of desire.
  • Execution: take action in the real-world & apply learning.
  • Reflection: what worked, what didn’t & what did we learn.

We focus on the CORE skills that drive the biggest results fast. We focus on:

  • Situations: we use real-world situations people deal with everyday as the “learning container”. This makes learning relevant & applicable. 
  • Mindsets: our beliefs & ways of thinking drive our behaviour. We foster mindsets that drive target behaviour & supports the execution of CORE skills.
  • Skills: the behaviours that impact and drive our performance at work and transform the way we manage situations.
  • Foundation: our core identity & what drives us, mental energy, physical activity, sleep & recovery, nutrition & movement.

We work together so we coach together. Learning in groups is the most powerful & cost effective approach to CORE skills development.

Weekly sessions ensure continuity as well as sufficient time to apply learnings & grow. The structure of each session looks like this:

  • Reflect on experiences & lessons from the week.
  • New Situation, Mindset & Skill concept.
  • Coaching & Peer-2-Peer reflection.
  • Weekly Plan & Commitments.

We use machine learning to analyse the inputs from your people and develop personalised learning pathways for them.

The platform also prompts users to take action, offering daily tips and reminders, gently nudging them in the right direction.

We put a coach in everyone’s pocket, connecting them directly to their coach for on-demand support as well as access to their personalised micro-learning & goal tracking.

The Nudge App ensures everyone has the support they need to make progress between each coaching session. 

We draw on the latest behaviour change research as well as our own experience leading high-performing teams.

To explore our approach in-depth, review our science & research.

To find out more about our approach, send us a message.

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10 minute | Reflection

Feedback Reflection

If you need a reminder of the activity to complete before submitting this form, you can find it here.

  • What was it like giving & receiving feedback?
  • What limiting beliefs are you becoming aware of?
  • What are you taking responsibility for as a result of the feedback you have received?

Be honest. Only you and your coach has access to this data.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Giving Feedback

Out of 5, how comfortable were you giving feedback? *

Receiving Feedback

Out of 5, how comfortable were you receiving feedback? *

10 minute | Reflection

Beliefs Map

  • Are my beliefs pulling me above or below the line?
  • Are my beliefs true / real?
  • What would be possible if I changed my beliefs?
  • What new belief could I create to achieve what I know is possible? 

Be honest. Only you and your coach has access to this data.

Beliefs Map


1 = Terrible | 10 = Fantastic
Can you label the feeling?
Can you label the feeling?
Why do you feel this way?

5 minute | Reflection

Taking Responsibility

  • What am I avoiding responsibility for?
  • Where can I take responsibility & increase my sense of control & influence?

Be honest. Only you and your coach has access to this data.

Taking Responsibility


1 = Terrible | 10 = Fantastic
Can you label the feeling?
Can you label the feeling?
Why do you feel this way?

5 minute | Reflection

Communication reflection

  • Did I communicate Above The Line or Below The Line today?
  • What was the impact of my communication?

Be honest. Only you and your coach has access to this data.

Communication Reflection


1 = Terrible | 10 = Fantastic
Can you label the feeling?
Can you label the feeling?
Why do you feel this way?

Discovering The Impact

When you think about your communication & what was the impact on you, your team & your work, can you find it on the guide?

Work / Project

  • Projects run on time/budget
  • High-quality work
  • Clear pathway forward irrespective of external factors that create uncertainty
  • Customers are happy
  • Business growth
  • New opportunities are created
  • Forward momentum
  • Positive culture
  • Abundance of creativity & innovation


  • Everyone in the team participates
  • People support each other and use positive language
  • When someone is having a hard-time, everyone wants to jump in and help
  • People go above and beyond to help
  • People trust each other
  • People feel free to give feedback
  • Failure is seen as growth


  • Relaxed / absence of chronic stress
  • I know what I am doing, what my purpose is
  • I know that I can ask for help
  • I feel connected to my team
  • I know if I make a mistake, people will have my back and help me learn
  • I am passionate & excited about what I am doing
  • I feel energised coming into work
  • I can provide feedback to everyone & feel safe doing so

Winning: Above the line

Open / Connected / Energised / Focused / Growth Oriented / Optimistic / Innovative

Reactive / Defensive / Conflict / Distracted / Blame / Pessimistic / Stagnant / Disconnected

Losing: Below the line

Work / Project

  • Project delays/budget blowouts
  • Error-filled work / things go wrong
  • Unclear / no pathway forward
  • Customers are frustrated
  • Business is stagnant
  • No opportunities, only challenges
  • Everything feels hard
  • Blaming / Complaining culture
  • Scarcity mindset; nothing ever feels good enough


  • Not everyone participates
  • Certain people dominate the conversation
  • Team feels disconnected
  • People work alone / in silos
  • Imbalance of work load across the team
  • Serious vibe
  • People don’t problem solve together
  • Problems become bigger than they need to be


  • I feel stressed out
  • I feel like I have to it all by myself
  • I feel afraid of people at work
  • I don’t know who to turn to to ask for help & support
  • I am worried about making mistakes & feel like I have to always get it right
  • I replay conversations in my head and worry about what people in my team think about me
  • I worry about whether I am good at my job

Locating Your Communication

Scan through different situations in your work day and reflect on the Statements, Behaviours & Mindsets you are bringing to each. Locate whether you are communicating Above the line or Below the line using the reference map below.


  • What can I learn from this?
  • How is the opposite as true?
  • How is this familiar?
  • I appreciate you for….
  • I take responsibility for…
  • I agree to…
  • I choose to…
  • I created…
  • How is this for me?
  • What I hear you saying…
  • Tell me more…
  • I feel…(sad, angry, scared, joyful, creative)


  • Relax under pressure / stress
  • Significantly change my posture
  • Take responsibility
  • Question my beliefs
  • Feel emotions
  • Listen actively
  • Speak unarguably
  • Make agreements
  • Appreciate & acknowledge others
  • Create a win for all situation
  • Be creative & collaborative
  • Deal with the facts not the circumstances


  • I am responsible
  • There are more than two possibilities
  • It is valuable to question my thoughts and beliefs
  • My feelings are intelligent
  • Approval, control and security are something I already have
  • I assume positive intent
  • I am curious & open
  • I am prepared to take action
  • Play and rest are key to peak performance

Winning: Above the line

Responsive / Curious / Growth & Learning

Reactive / Defensive / Recycling Drama

Losing: Below the line


  • I/You/They should
  • I/You/ They can’t
  • I’m right/They’re wrong
  • It’s hard
  • I’m trying
  • It’s not my fault
  • I’m confused
  • The “truth” is
  • I have to
  • You made me
  • I’m sorry (with an excuse)
  • Always/Never
  • “Why” questions
  • You’re not listening to me
  • It’s no use/I give up
  • My way or the highway
  • They don’t get it


  • Hold your breath
  • Fight/Flee/Freeze/Faint
  • See others as needing help
  • Find fault/Blame
  • Cling to an opinion/argue
  • Rationalise/Justify
  • Gossip
  • Get overwhelmed
  • Suppress emotions
  • Use distractions to relieve pain (food, media, work)
  • Enrol others to affirm my beliefs
  • Avoid all disconfirming data
  • Be sloppy with your agreements
  • Avoid conflict
  • Be judgmental (right/wrong, good/bad)


  • Being right is the most important thing
  • There is a threat to me occurring out there
  • There is not “enough”
  • I need another’s approval
  • Safety and security come from outside myself
  • I need to be in “control” (of things I can’t control)
  • There are only two options
  • To get to a solution, I have to be serious
  • I am better than/less than
  • There is a right/wrong way
  • There is no choice
  • My story about the situation is true

10 minute | Reflection

Weekly Reflection

The goal of a your weekly reflection is to review the week, the wins & the challenges, so that you can take the learnings forward.

Be honest. Only you and your coach has access to this data.

Weekly Reflections


At work, how stressed have you felt this week?
How engaged in your work have you felt this week?
How empowered have you felt to solve your own problems?
How connected to your team have you felt this week?
How focused have you felt at work this week?
How energised have you felt this week?

2 minute | Performance

What's your worry

By identifying what’s worrying you & making a plan, you get freedom to do something about it.

Be honest. Only you and your coach has access to this data.

Let's figure this one out together

1 minute | Reflection

Time to journal

Log an idea or a moment of learning. Think of your journal as a resource you can look back on for learnings. 

Be honest. Only you and your coach has access to this data.



Are you going to change anything as a result of what you have been thinking about??


Are you going to try anything new?

1 minute | Reflection

Time to check-in

The goal of a your check-in is to develop the mental skill of Awareness & track your progress over time.

Be honest. Only you and your coach has access to this data.



1 = Terrible | 10 = Fantastic
Can you label the feeling?
Can you label the feeling?
Why do you feel this way?

Take a mindful moment

Repeat 3 x before continuing

Mindful Moment